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Ærø Bryggeri


The company was established in 1884 as a dairy. After the World War 1 takes Peder R. Rasmussen and his family over. In 1926 begins the beer production of Prima Lyst Hvidtøl.

In 1956 beer brewing stops and in 1960 ends the production of ice-cream. In 1965 the company becomes depot for Ceres beer and for Slots ice creams, which eventually stopped in 1996. In October 2003 buys Christopher Seidenfaden the buildings and in 2004 was the beerproduction revived.

2020 was the name changed from Rise Bryggeri to Ærø Bryggeri.

ÆRØ Dark Ale
Brewed by a mix of pale ale barleymalt, caramalt, black barleymalt and dryroasted wheat.
19,0,II, 70cl, brown, hops, lion, 6,0% - - 2006 Ærø Dark Ale

Ærø Hertug Hans No. 5 Valnød
Introduced autum 2007. Brewed on pilsner-, caramel- and blackbarleymalt, wheatmalt and the aromahops Golding. Bottomfermented. Bockbeer.
19,0,II, 50cl, blue, hops, lion, 7,0% - - 2007 Rise Ærø Hertug Hans

Ærø Grolle Pilsner
The name leads the thought to the inventor of pilsner, Josef Grolle. However Grolle means sparrow on the island Ærø.

Brewed on water, pilsnermalt, pale ale barleymalt, first gold hops and Hersbrucker hops.

19,0,II, 50cl, green, hops, lion, 4,6% - - 2006 Rise Ærø Grolle Pilsner

Ærø Indian Pale Ale
Brewed on water, pale ale barleymalt, dryroasted wheat, hops and yeast, topfermented.
19,0,II, 70cl, yellow, hops, lion, 5,5% - - 2006 Rise Ærø Indian Pale Ale

Ærø Jule Ale - Strong Rudolph
Introduced october 2006. Brewed on pale ale barleymalt, wheatmalt, dryroasted hvede, black barleymalt, caramel barleymalt, sucker, First Gold hops, Golding hops, topfermented.
19,0,II, 70cl, red, hops, lion, 7,0% - - 2006 Rise Ærø Jule Ale

ÆRØ Påske Ale
Brewed on barley- and wheatmalt.
19,0,II, 50cl, green, chicken in egg, lion mark, 5,0% - - 2018 Ærø Påske ale
46,0, 50cl, green, chicken at the egg, lion mark, - - 2022 Ærø Påske ale

Ærø Stout - Kong Arthur
For celebrating the 75 anniversay of Søby Værft, founded by Arthur Jørgensen.
19,0,II, 50cl, black, hops, lion, 6,0% - - 2015 Rise Ærø Jule Ale

Ærø Tangøl
Part of a beercompetition in Kvickly 2015.
19,0,II, 50cl, blue, seaweed, lion, 5,0% - - 2015 Rise Ærø Jule Ale