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Beer Here  

Behind Beer Here stands Christian Skovdal Andersen who before was behind the award winning brewery Ølfabrikken.

From 2010 is the beers brewed by Søgaards Bryghus in Aalborg, Denmark, after recipies from Christian Andersen.



In eighteenth century Britain an extra strong and nutricious stout was brewed for breastfeeding mothers. Beer Here isbrewing this dark and flavorful milkstout. Besides the traditional ingredient, milksugar, we also add a dash of coffee.

3,0, brown and blue. Drawing of a beerdrinking woman, 6,5%, - - 2010

Beer Here Ammestout

Fat Cat  
Red ale with a pronounced hop character from a large addition of late kettle hops combined with dry hopping and balanced by caramel character from a mix of German, English and Belgian specialty malts.  
3,0, gray and red. Drawing of a fat cat with cigar, 4,7%, - - 2010 Beer Here Fat Cat

Hopfix is a copper coloured India Pale Ale with plenty of fruity hop flavor and aroma. It features a dry finish and a firm bitterness balanced by chewy caramel malt. Brewed with rye.  
3,0, green. drawing of a cannula with hops, 6,5%, - - 2010 Beer Here Hopfix

80 IBU. Pale ale malt, caramelmalt, and some black malt.  
3,0, green. Drawing of a dinosaur spewing fire on a woman and a man. 9%, - - 2010 Beer Here Hoptilicus


A light pale ale brewed with pale malts only for the cleanest possible malt profile to showcase the unique combination of New Zealand and American hops.

3,0, red-gray. drawing of little red riding hood and the wolf, 4,7%, - - 2010 Beer Here Lupulus

Malus Pater  
Brewed with Belgian malts, dark belgian candii sugar an aromatic yeast sourced from one of the famous trappist monestaries.  
3,0, white. Drawing of at monk and a boy, 10%, - - 2010 Beer Here Malus Pater


The first beer from Beer Here. The label should have been with Jesus.

The recipe for our Easter Beer is based on a series of experiments trying to recreate an ale from a recipe on some old clay tablets found in, what is now called Iraq. The recipe, called “The Hymn to Ninkasi” describes in details how beer was made using a mix of barley, honey grapes and dates.

5,0, yellow. Drawing of an easter chicken - - 2009 Beer Here Påske

Tia Loca  
Wheat beer combining the brewing traditions of Belgium and Germany.The malt bill is based on Belgian malts, oats and raw wheat and the beer is fermented with a Bavarian weizenbier yeast. Coriander and sweet orange peel is added during the boil for a subtle spicyness.  

3,0, drawing of Tin Tin with Hitlerbeard, 4,5%, - - 2010

Beer Here Tia Loca