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Founded 2012.

Beers developed by homebrewers at Bornholm. The producuts are produced by danish microbreweries.


Lyseklippen is a german inspired Wiena type.
21,0, light brown, drawing of Lyseklippen, 50cl, 4,9% - - 2014 Bornholmer Lyseklippen

English dark brown Ale 
21,0, light brown, drawing of the "Rokkestenen", 50cl, 4,5% - - 2014 Bornholmer Rokkestenen

Sommer Pajan
American inspired pale ale. Pajan was a housemaid on the farms at Bornholm.
21,0, green, drawing of at girl, 50cl, 4,5% - - 2014 Bornholmer Lyseklippen