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Bryggeriet Alliance



Founed in 1851. Bought by Thor in Randers in 1967. The Produktion continued to 1973. After that was produced Thor pilsnere until the closure in 1980.

The Logo showa a statue of the Danish king Valdemar the great, who stands near Skt. Bendt chuch in Ringsted.

The brewery as among others made Prima Hvidtøl, Alliance Pilsner, Sct. Bendt and Ringsted Guld.



Ringsted Guld
1,A, gold-red, drawing of Valdemar den Store, Skatteklasse A, AR001 - - year?? Alliance Ringsted Guld

Sct. Bendt
1,A, yellowlike-red (originaly silver with blue and red), drawing of Valdemar den Store, Skatteklasse B, AR002 - - year?? Alliance Sct. Bendt