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Næstvedbryggeriet Føniks



The original brewery was named Næstvedbryggerier A/S "Føniks". It was in function from 1889 to 1955.

The new project began unter the name Næstved bryggeriet Føniks, born by John Serritslev from Slagelse Bryghus in 2006, but was in a periode a castlebrewery.

From 2008 to febary 2012 was the brewery together with Slotsbryggeriet Gavnø. After that the Føniks brewery moved back to Næstved.

Best Beer
1,0, green-blue, Føniks-bird, Næstved Bryggerier A/S "Føniks", skatteklasse A, - - year?? Føniks Best Beer

Føniks Honey I am Home
Brewed with barleymalt. Romflambéed rasins and honey.
5,0, gray, bee with a heart, Fønixs-bird, 10%, - - 2008 Føniks Honey I am home