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Herslev Bryghus  
Established 2004 in Herslev near Roskilde.    

Forårs Bryg
A strong brew, with sweetnes and bitternes. Brewed with cascade hops.
21,0,III, yellow-green, Herslev Bryghus, Forårs Bryg, 9,0 % - - 2006 Herslev Forårs Bryg

Gorm's Bryg - Rugøl

This wikingbeer is called Gorm's Bryg because the Wiking-play in Frederikssund in 2005 played the drama about Gorm and Thyra. Brewed with barley- and ryemalt, honey and cascadehops.

Are later relanced as Rugøl..

21,0,III, bluegray, Herslev Bryghus, Gorm's Bryg, HE002 - - 2005 Herslev Gorms Bryg

Added shot of spruce.
21,0,III, green, Herslev Bryghus, Granøl, 5,3% - - 2015 Herslev Granøl

One of the first beers from the brewery. Later made organic.
21,0,III, yellow-gray, Herslev Bryghus, Hvede, HE003, 5,8% - - 2006 Herslev Hvede
21,0,III, yellowgray, "Økologisk", Herslev Bryghus, Hvede, 5,0% - - 2015 Herslev Hvede

Høstbryg - Mjødurt
Releaced august 2007. Top fermented. Brewed by barley harvestet around Herslev, and barley-and ryemalt. Added spiraea (mjødurt).
21,0,III, red, Herslev Bryghus, Høst Bryg Mjødurt, 6,0 % - - 2007 Herslev Høstbryg Mjødurt

Mark Hø
Only local barley and hay.
21,0,III, yellowgray, Herslev Bryghus, Mark Øl, 5,5 % - - 2015 Herslev Mark Hø

Introduced 2004. The prime hops is Hallertau Hersbrucker.
21,0,III, yellow-green, Herslev Bryghus, Pilsner, 5,5 % - - 2007 Herslev Pilsner

Sommer Ale
Introduced summer 2004
21,0,III, gray, Herslev Bryghus, Sommer Ale, HE001 - - 2004 Herslev Sommer Ale

Stjerne Bryg
Introduced november 2004. The christmasbrew from the brewery with anise.
21,0,III, gray-green, Herslev Bryghus, "Stjerne Bryg", 9,0% - - 2007 Herslev Stjerne Bryg

Stout - four grain
Introduced february 2006. Brewed by malt from four different kinds of grain. Barley, wheat, rye and outs.
21,0,III, brown-gray, Herslev Bryghus, "Stout", "Four Grain", 7,0% - - 2006 Herslev Stout