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Indslev Bryggeri



The Brewery is specialised in wheatbeers. Originally founded in 1897. But between 1970 and 2006 has no beer been produced. And between 1990 and 2006 was the brewery clossed.

Direktør Anders Busse Rasmussen

Brewer Stefan Peter Stadle


Flora Wit
Part in Beerelection in Kvickly 2013.
61,0,XII, white, red edge, 2 stars, Flora Wit, Kvickly, 4,4% - - 2013 Indslev Flora Wit

Frederiks Jul
Introduced 2013. Added brown sugar. Named after Frederik Rasmussen, who founded the brewery in 1897.
61,0,XII, red, white edge, 2 stars, "Hvede Julebryg", 8,0% - - 2013 Indslev Frederiks Jul

Frederiks Påske
Named after Frederik Rasmussen, who founded the brewery in 1897. Hvede.
61,0,XII, yellow, red edge, 2 stars, Hvede Påskebryg, 5,9% - - 2014 Indslev Frederiks Jul

Hvede Bock
Dark malt, spiced aroma.
61,0,XII, white, brown edge, 2 stars, Weizenbock, 8,0% - - 2006 Indslev Hvede Bock

Påske Hvede - Indslev Påskebryg
Introduced march 2007. Wheat- and barleymalt. Unfiltered, pasteurisered.
61,AB,XII, black, yellow edge, 2 stars, Swan-logo, two snowdrops, 6,0% - - 2007 Indslev Påske Hvede

Spelt Bock
The beer contains four grains: Wheat-, barley, rye- and spelt.. Unfiltered, pasteurisered.
61,AB,XII, white, brown edge, 2 stars, Swan-logo, Four Grain, 7,0% - - 2010 Indslev Påske Hvede

Svane Hvede
German Wheat style. Ufiltered, pasteurisered.
61,AB,XII, white, green edge, 2 stars, Swan-logo, hefe-weizen, 4,9% - - 2012 Indslev Svane Hvede