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Jefferson Brewery


Subname used by Ørbæk Bryggeri, Denmark, to a beerserie by Coop. The serie is started 27.4.2009 in cooperation with the american Randy Mosher. The brewery is named after the 3. precident of the US.    


Christmas Beer

5,0,II, purple, Merry Christmas Beer, 6,8 - - 2011 Jefferson Christmas Beer

Abbey ale.
5,0, II, bluegray, Bryggeri Jefferson Brewery, 6,8% - - 2009 Jefferson Dubl

Påske Ale Bryg
5,0,II, yellow, drawing of pink rabbit, 6,0 - - 2012 Jefferson Påske Ale Bryg

Julle Bryg
Weissbier type.
5,0,II, red-green, 6,8 - - 2009 Jefferson Julle Bryg