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Bryggeriet Landkær



Founded 1896/7. The Brewery closed 2011. It was since 1914 driven by the family Bjerring Jensen. Latest Jørgen and Margit Bjerring Jensen.

For some years the brewery was named Gudumholm Bryggeri.

The last years was only brewed soda.

November 2015 was the buildings bought by Lain Russell who has plans of opening a new brewery 2016.



11,0, blue-red, LA003 - - 1985 Landkær Hvidtøl

Jubilæums hilsen til R. Biering Jensen
11,0, blue, 1943 - 1983, picture of R. Biering Jensen, LA002 - - 1983 Landkær Jubilæumshilsen

Jule Hvidtøl
11,0, white, golden fir branches, BJG, LA001 - - 1986 Landkær Jule Hvidtøl