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Marrebæk Bryggeri


Founded 1911 by Rasmus Jørgensen. There was already a maltfactory at the site. The first brew was made 11. june 1911. It was a dark household beer.

In 1925 was the brewery sold to Poul Valdemar Petersen Ebbe from Holeby. Three years later he went bankruptcy and Rasmus Jørgensen took over the brewery again.

In 1931 began the production of lager and pilsner beer, and light household beer. In 1934 was the first luxurybeer brewed. In 1984 started export to Italy of Big Ben, Export Beer and Svanebajer. All three unter the tre gik under common name Il Danese. In 1990 started export to France,now unter the name Royal Viking.

Maribo Bryghus took over Marrebæk Bryggeri in 1994 and closed it the same year.

Atlas Spedition
1,A, blue, with dekl, Atlas Spedition, "En rigtig Normanner", kl B, gold shoud - - 1990 Marrebæk Atlas Speditiion

Big Ben
Dark and heavy beer.
9,A, darkbrown, drawing of Big Ben, without dekl, neck Big Ben, Luxus øl, kl B - - year?? Marrebæk Big Ben
9,A, darkbrown, drawing of Big Ben, neck Big Ben, old dekl., Luxus øl, kl B, - - year?? Marrebæk Big Ben
9,A, darkbrown, drawing of Big Ben, dekl, neck Big Ben, Luxus øl, kl B, - - 1986 Marrebæk Big Ben
1,A, darkbrown, drawing of a king, dekl., neck King, barcode, "Luxus", kl B, 9,2% - - 1991 Marrebæk Big Ben

Bogø Stubbekøbing Overfarten
For the ferry Ida on Bogø Stubbekøbing Overfarten
1,A, blue, drawing of the ferry Ida, "Bogø Stubbekøbing Overfarten", Pilsner, lifebuoy "Ida", kl I, - - 1988 Marrebæk Bogø Stubbekøbing Overfarten

Made for DanCenter
1,A, yellow-blue, "Vi takker for godt....", neck DanCenter, dekl. - - 1990 Marrebæk DanCenter

Dansk Humør Pils
Made for "Fabrikken Rex Roskilde"
5,A, green, crown, "Humør" i red band, neck red-green, dekl. - - year?? Marrebæk Dansk Humør Pils

Export Beer
9,A, red-gold, swan, skatteklasse A, neck old. dekl - - year?? Marrebæk Export Beer

Frokost Øl
Lyst hvidtøl
9,A, green, swan, Lyst Hvidtøl, neck dekl - - year?? Marrebæk Frokost Øl

Guld Øl
Discount serie
1,A, white-gold, king with glas, "Export Kvalitet", neck "GuldØl", kl. A, 5,7% - - 1989 Marrebæk Guld Øl

Høeg´s Høker Pilsner
1,A, brown, man with beard and beerglas, neck "høeg´s høker Pilsner", kl. 1, - - 1988 Marrebæk Høegs Høker Pilsner

Inter DK Hotels
Made for Inter DK Hotels
5,A, light and dark brown, neck Pilsner - - 1988 Marrebæk Inter DK Hotels

Il Danese
Svanebajer for Italia.
1,A, white-blue, king, Birra Bionda Doppio Malto - - 1986 Marrebæk Il Danese

Ishøj .... Hils
1,A, green-white-yellow, Ishøj...Hils, hals "Ishøj - den grønne port til København" - - 1992 Marrebæk Ishøj Hils

Lys Hvidtøl - Lyst Øl
5,A, light and dark green, "Lyst Hvidtøl", "Lyst Øl", "Marrebæk", neck "Lyst Øl" - - 1988 Marrebæk Lyst Øl
1,A, light and dark green, "Lys Hvidtøl", King, neck "Lys Hvidtøl" - - 1990 Marrebæk Lys Hvidtøl

Matador Lys Hvidtøl

Made for Fakta

5,A, light green, man in tuxedo, neck "Matador Lys Hvidtøl", old. dekl. - - year?? Marrebæk Matador Lys Hvidtøl

Munke Øl
Ellegårdens Klosterøl
5,A, black-red-gold, drawing of a monk, "Det er guf...", "Lyst stærkt øl", neck red, old. dekl. on the neck, kl. A - - year?? Marrebæk Munke Øl

Mølle Pilsner
1,A, green, drawing of a mill, Majbølle Mølle, neck "Pilsner" - - 1988 Marrebæk Mølle Pilsner
1,A, green, drawing of a mill, Marrebæk Mølle, neck "Pilsner" - - 1988 Marrebæk Mølle Pilsner

Mørk Hvidtøl
5,A, white-purple, swan, MB, neck dekl. "Mørkt Hvidtøl" - - 1987 Marrebæk Mørk Hvidtøl
1,A, white-purple, king, neck white "Mørkt Hvidtøl" - - 1989 Marrebæk Mørk Hvidtøl

9,A, green, MB, - - 1988 Marrebæk Pilsner

Gift from two newspapers to the postoffice.
27,0, red, drawing of a mailbox, "Tillykke med 200 år fra Landbrugs-Nyt - Sydfalster-Nyt", 1779 1979 - - 1979 Marrebæk Rex Pils

Profa fest øl
9,A, red, drawing of a paint bucket - - 1986 Marrebæk Profa Fest Øl

9,A, orange, king with beer, "kraftig indbrygget", kl B, neck swan - - 1990 Marrebæk Påskebryg

For the taxacompany Radiobilen
5,A, red, drawing of a Mercedes, "Dag og Nat", neck red old. dekl. - - year?? Marrebæk Rex Pils

Rex Pils
Discount serie.
1,A, silver-green, king with glas, Pilsner, MB, neck king "Rex Pilsner", 4,6% - - 1990 Marrebæk Rex Pils

Royal Viking
Serie til Frankrig.
1,A, brown, king with glas, vikingship, neck king, 9,2% - - 1991 Marrebæk Royal Viking

Royal Viking
Serie forl France.
1,A, blue, king with glas, vikingship, neck king, 8,1% - - 1991 Marrebæk Royal Viking

Stærk Julebryg
5,A, gold, christmasflower, swan, neck swan, dekl, no date - - år?? Marrebæk Stærk Julebryg

Stærk Øl
Beer made for DDC Distribution, Skolegade 12R, 2500 Valby. Brewed with pine needles.
5,A, gold, "Stærk Distribution", neck swan, old-dekl, no date - - år?? Marrebæk Stærk Øl

Svane Bajer
Strong light beer
5,A, blue-gold, svane in crest, "Lyst stærkt øl", neck blue dekl., kl B, blue top - - year?? Marrebæk Svane Bajer
5,A, blue-gold, svane in crest, "Lyst stærkt øl", neck blue dekl., kl B, blue top - - 1986 Marrebæk Svane Bajer

Trolde Øl
For LH Supermarked
9,A, green-brown, troll, neck green old-dekl., kl A, - - year?? Marrebæk Trolde Øl