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Medicibeers (Jacobs)

Fyn, Denmark


Medicibeers ApS is a company brewing and distributing beer. Founded by Jacob Medici, who worked for 18 years at the brewery “Bryggeriet Vestfyen”. His first first beer in Medicibeers was named Jacobs Gyldne Classic (Jacob’s Golden Classic) and was brewed at Refsvindinge Bryggeri. Later are other breweries also used, for exsample Bryggeriet Vestfyen.




Jacobs Ale
Dark, top fermentation ale. Brewed on lager mash and special mash.
1,D, yellow, black writing, 5,7%, - - 2010 Bredlunds Classic Pilsner

Jacobs Cognac øl
Introduced 2011. Added 1 % cognac. Added brown sugar and color.
1,D, black, crest, Medici, with tap date, 8,5%, - - 2011 Medicibeers Jacobs Ale

Jacobs Julebryg
Dark, buttomfermented. Pilsnermalt, münchnermalt and specialmalt. Added color.
1,D, bluepurple with cremebrown writing, with tap date, 7,5%, - - 2011 Medicibeers Jacobs Ale

Jacobs Maltøl
Dark. Pilsnermalt, müncihnermalt, syrup and sugar. Brewed at Refsvindinge.
1,D, blue with light blue writing, with tap date, 1,8%, - - 2011 Medicibeers Jacobs Maltøl

Jacobs Portvins Øl
Introduced fall 2011. Pilsnermalt and münchnermalt. Added syrup and color. 1% port.
1,D, gold with black writing, crest, Medici, with tap date, 5,7%, - - 2011 Medicibeers Jacobs Ale

Otto - Chili Lakrids Øl
For Sjøbeck Øl & Vin, Rødovre. Same as Jacobs Chili Lakrids Øl. Brewed at Refsvindinge.
1,D, darkbrown, two rhinoceros, 6,5%, - - (2014) Medicibeers Otto Chili Lakrids