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Ølfabrikken, Roskilde



Januar, 7. 2005 was the first brew on the street. Ølfabrikken is founded by Martin Larsen and Christian Skovdal Andersen.

May, 1. 2007 was half part of the shares bought by Gourmetbryggeriet. At the same time was it decided to move the production from Tisvilleleje to Roskilde (in the same buildings as Gourmetbryggeriet had used). January 2008 took Gourmetbryggeriet the last 50 percent over.

Autum 2009 was Gourmetbryggeriet bought by Harboes Bryggeri. Ølfabrikken was a part of that trade.

Made by Anders Evald and Arne Slej (two of the founders of Danske Ølentusiaster) in cooperation. Brewed for the eight birthsday of DØ (Day of the Beer). Brewed after Belgian model with Belgian sugar candy and cane sugar. The beer was relaced september 2. 2006. The brewing was started in 2005.
46,0, black-red, a half star, "Danske Ølentusiasters fødselsdagsbryg", 8,0% - - 2006 Ølfabrikken AA

Abbey Ale
On the market march, 19. 2007. Brewed by Ølfabrikken in Belgium.
46,0, brown, picture of at church-abbey tower, Abbey Ale, "Ølfabrikken Special Reserve", 8,5% - - 2007 Ølfabrikken Abbey Ale

On the market autum 2014. Brewed by Harboe.
,Can,white with "tatoos", red heart with blue wings, 5,0% - - 2014 Ølfabrikken Aggerpils

"Bowmore" Imperial Stout
Stored 10 months on Bowmore whiskey barrels. 594 bottles.
5,0, black, logo in white, drawing of at corkscrew "Husk!", robe stained with tar with a tag on the neck, 194/595, 9,0% - - 2005 Ølfabrikken Bowmore Imperial Stout

Brown Ale
Can, orange-red, logo, "En fabrik der laver øl", 5,0% - - 2017 Ølfabrikken Brown Ale

ClansMan - Richards Barley Wine
Richard Heidemanns svendebryg. (A test piece of work for a person finishing his apprenticeship)
46,0, black-redbrown, drawing of an man in scottish dress, 8,0% - - 2007 Ølfabrikken ClansMan

Creme Ale Spring
Introduced february 2009.
Can, 33 cl, blue-green-yellow, 5,0% - - 2009 Ølfabrikken Creme Ale Spring

DAD Bad Craziness Beer
Brewed to celebrate 25 years with DAD. Brewed in cooperation with Bryggeriet Apollo.
Can, 33 cl,white, drawing of a bullscull, 5,2% - - 2010 Ølfabrikken DAD

Introduced spring 2005. Type Belgian blonde ale.
46,0, brown-green, picture of flowers, 9%, ØF001 - 2005 Ølfabrikken Forår

Grøn Påske
Introduced march 2009. Belgian Bruin type.
46,0, light green, green sun, daffodils, 6,0% - - 2009 Ølfabrikken Grøn Påske

Ølfabrikken Specialbrew. Type: Farmhouse Ales. Produktionsdate 27.11.2006. 3200 bottles.
21,0, white, black writing and black logo, 7,0% - - 2006 Ølfabrikken Gårdbryg

Highland Easter
A serie of three beers for Easter 2008. Scottish inspired stout.
46,0, white, drawing of a scottish patten, Limited edition 2008, 6,5% - - 2008 Ølfabrikken Highland Easter

Hvid Jul (White Christmas)
Sister beer to Hvid Jul, both brewed at Het Anker in Belgium. Hvid Jul is a typical belgian wheat beer, spiced with orangepeel and coriander. Heer also added camomile.
46,0, white, white star, picture of camomile, 8,5% - - 2007 Ølfabrikken hvid Jul

Jule Ale
Introduced christmas 2009.
46,0, gray-red, Santa with rendeer in the air, 5,5% - - 2009 Ølfabrikken Jule Ale

Beer with Sumatra-coffee and cinnamonbark. Introduced 2006.
46,0, black-brown, coffeebeans and background picture, 5,5% ØF-, - - 2006 Ølfabrikken Kaffeporter

The First Klovn beer was introduced summer 2009 as a Gourmetbryggeriet beer. The beer is named after a tv-serie. This Winterbeer is from Ølbryggeriet and according to the label made in cooperation with Bryggeriet Apollo.
5,0, black-red-blue, "En ægte `Vinter` kvajebajer!", 5,4% - - 2009 Ølfabrikken Klovn Vinter

Ostern Bock
A serie of three beers for Easter 2008. A cross between a dobbelbock and a schwartzbier.
46,0, white, drawing of a goat, Limited edition 2008, 7,0% - - 2008 Ølfabrikken Ostern Bock

Pale Ale
A serie of three canbeers, on the market spring 2008.
Can, 33 cl, light blue, siluetdrawing of a factory, 5,0% - - 2008 Ølfabrikken Pale Ale
Can, 33 cl, light blue, siluetdrawing of a factory, "En fabrik der laver øl" with shadow, 5,0% - - 2017 Ølfabrikken Pale Ale

A serie of three canbeers, on the market spring 2008.
Can, 33 cl, light green, siluetdrawing of a factory, 4,8% - - 2008 Ølfabrikken Pilsner

A serie of three canbeers, on the market spring 2008.
Can, 33 cl, red and purple, siluetdrawing of a factory, 7,5% - - 2008 Ølfabrikken Porter

Paas Bier
A serie of three beers for Easter 2008. Spiced flamish inspired ale.
46,0, white, drawing of a star, Limited edition 2008, 6,0% - - 2008 Ølfabrikken Pass Bier

Sort Jul (Black Christmas)
Sister beer to Hvid Jul, both brewed at Het Anker in Belgium. Sort Jul is based on a 400 years old belgian beertype. Added candy, anise and orangepeel.
46,0, black, black star, picture of anise, 8,5% - - 2007 Ølfabrikken Sort Jul
46,0, black, black star, picture of anise, 8,5% - - 2010 Ølfabrikken Sort Jul

Tisville Blonde
Named after the hometown of the brewery.
46,0, lightbrown-yellow, brown star, picture of a mill, 5,5% - - 2006 Ølfabrikken Tisvilde Blonde

Among the Ølfabrikkens first beers – 2004. Type belgian witbeer.
46,0, black-white-yellow, 12 jagged star, 5%, ØF002 - - 2004 Ølfabrikken Wit

A cooperation between Ølbaren, Ølbutikken and Ølfabrikken. Brewed bt Europæian barleymalt, roasted barley, yeast, Nordamerican hops, Southamerican cacao and asiatic coffe.
46,0, blackbrown, Russian Imperial Chocolate Stout, 10%, - - 2006 Ølfabrikken ØL

Aalborg Karneval
Only sold at the karneval in Aalborg.
Can, purple-green-black, 4,6%, - - 2015 Ølfabrikken Aalborg Karneval