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Pladderballe Bryghus    

The beers from Pladderballe Bryghus was the first years brewed at Slotsbyggeriet Føniks in Næstved, Denmark.

The first beers was officiel sold 30 2012.

After some years was the beers brewed at Svaneke Bryghus. In 2017 closed Coop Denmark a distribution deal with the brewery, and the owners decided to close the brewery.



Brodtgaard Basement Reserve
46,0, black-brown, picture of Søren Rislund as Brodtgaard, 5,7% - - 2012 Pladderballe Brodtgaard

Ale. Introduced easter 2012.
46,0, black-light green-white, drawing of a chicken and a spoon, 5,8% - - 2012 Pladderballe Påskelammer

46,0, brown-red, picture of Martin Bo Petersen, 5,7% - - 2015 Pladderballe Påskelammer