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Albani-Royal Unibrew


In 2015 is the danish brewery Royal Unibrew become more aktiv in the market for specialbeers in Denmark. It is among others with the serie Schiøtz, named after the founder of Albani Bryggeriet in Odense Theodor Ludvig Schiøtz.


Anarkist Blood Orange Weissbier
Weissbier. Med blood 0range juice.
46,0, orange. drawing of blood Orange, 5,2% - - 2020 Schiøtz Anarkist Blood Orange Weissbier

Anarkist Brown Ale
Tapped first time november 2017. Brown Ale. East Kent Goldings hops.
46,0, blue. drawing of a "elephant", 6,3% - - 2018 Schiøtz Anarkist Brown Ale

Anarkist Hazy IPA
Alhohol free 0,5%. Barleymalt, wheatmalt, outmeal.
46,0, blue. drawing of a "hand with smily", 0,5% - - 2020 Schiøtz Anarkist Hazy IPA

Anarkist New England IPA
Tapped first time november 2017. Added elderflower at rubarb.
46,0, pink. Bust of Theodor Schiøtz, 5,4% - - 2018 Schiøtz Anarkist New England  IPA

Belgisk Blonde Ale
With sea buckthorn and chamomile.
27,0,VIII, 75cl, orange, Belgisk Blonde Ale, "brygget med havtorn og kamille", 5,7% - - 2019 Schiøtz Belgisk Blonde Ale

Belgisk Dubbel
With cherries and elerberriesr.
27,0,VIII, 75cl, red, Belgisk Dubbel, "brygget med kirsebær og hyldebær, 8,0% - - 2019 Schiøtz Belgisk Dubbel

Belgisk IPA
With elderflower, lemon and guava.
27,0,VIII, orange, Belgisk IPA, "brygget med hyldeblomst, citrus og guava", 5,9% - - 2016 Schiøtz Belgisk IPA

Bohemian Pils
One of the three first beers in the serie.
27,0,VIII, green, Bohemian Pils, "brygget med kvæde og æble", 5,0% - - 2015 Schiøtz Bohemian Pils

Gylden IPA
One of the three first beers in the serie.
27,0,VIII, blue, Gylden IPA, "brygget med hyben og rosmarin", 5,9% - - 2015 Schiøtz Gylden IPA

Mørk Mumme
One of the three first beers in the serie.
27,0,VIII, red, Mørk Mumme, "brygget med slåen, solbær og hyben", 6,5% - - 2015 Schiøtz Mørk Mumme

Mørk Vinter Bock
Christmas/winterbeer, november 2015.
27,0,VIII, black, Mørk Vinter Bock, "brygget med hyldebær, tranebær og porse", 6,0% - - 2015 Schiøtz Mørk Vinter Bock