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Bryggeri Skovlyst





Established 2004. Brewer Casper Møller.

Today is the brewery split in two seperate companys.

Bryggeri Skovlyst is still in Hareskoven and makes only beer localy.

The other company Skovlyst Production makes the bottled beers for grocery trade at the Van Pur brewery in Polan and La Goudale in France.

Ahornbryg - forårsbock
Added maple syrup.  
3,0, red, drawing of maple leaf and syrup jar, "Brygget med Skovens Råvarer", 5,5% - - 2013 Skovlyst AhornBryg
3,0, red, drawing of the sun, maple leaf and syrup jar, "Skovens Bryg", 5,5% - - 2018 Skovlyst AhornBryg

Bière Rouge

Barley Wine. Added berries from the wood.

3,0, red, drawing of a brewery in a forrest and berries, Limited Edition, "Brygget med Skovens Råvarer", 12,0% - - 2008 Skovlyst Biere Rouge

Among the first officel bottelbeers. Pilsner. Added birch molasses to make the beer unsually.
1,M,II, gren, drawing of a brewery in a forrest. In the bottom og birchtwig, "BirkeBryg", 5,2% - - 2008 Skovlyst Egebryg

Vintageserie. Barleymalt, mais, glycose syrup, wheat, sugar, hops, orangepeel. Brewed at La Goudale, France.
27,0,VIII, black, Bisonhead in gold, India Pale Ale, MMXX, 10% - - 2020 Skovlyst Bison

Humleby serie for Aldi.
3,M,VIII, 50cl, blue, Humleby, Classic, Alkoholfri - - 2021 Skovlyst Humleby Classic

Saisonbrew january - february 2007. Smoked beer. The malt is smoked on oak- and beechwood. There are also used wheat- and munichmalt. Horizon and Liberty hops.
3,0, light brown, drawing of a brewery in a forrest. In the bottom acorn, "Egebryg", 5,8% - - 2007 Skovlyst Egebryg

15 Years Anniversary
Brewed at på La Goudale.
89,0,II, black with gold writing, 10% - - 2020 Skovlyst 15 years

Frugtøl Citron & Hyldeblomst
Mix of beer at fruit drink.
44,M,II, light yellow, drawing of lemon and elderberryflowers, "Frugtøl", 2,5% - - 2014 Skovlyst Frugtøl

Frugtøl Solbær & Skovbær
Mix of beer at fruit drink.
44,M,II, light red, drawing of blackcurrant and Fruits of the Forest, "Frugtøl", 2,5% - - 2014 Skovlyst Frugtøl

Grizzly Ultra Stout
Russian Imperial Stout - vintage release.
27,0,VIII, black, drawing of a Grizzly bear, MMXVII, 12% - - 2017 Skovlyst Grizzly

Hindbær Tripel
Limited edition. Brewed with bears from Rokkedyssegård.
46,0, bordeauxred, drawing of wild raspberries, Hindbær Tripel, 7,0% - - 2014 Skovlyst Hindbær Tripel

Hubertus Tripel
Special edition. Brewed with barley, wheat, oatmeal and rye.
46,0, 75cl, bordeauxred, drawing of a deer, Hubertus Tripel, 8,0% - - 2014 Skovlyst Hubertus Tripel

India Pale Ale

Introduced 2006. Five sorts of hops from England and USA.

3,M, II, red, drawing of a brewery in a forrest, 6,5% - - 2010 Skovlyst India Pale Ale


Introduced 2008. Seconddary fermentation with different nots Sirup and pine. Spiced with Cinamon.

3,M, II, red, drawing of a brewery in a forrest with snow, "Mørk Ale", 6,5% - - 2011 Skovlyst Biere Rouge

German inspirered festival lagerbeer. Malt and yeast are importered from Germany. First on bottle as a Limited Edition in 2009, was before that only on cask.
3,M, II, red, drawing of a brewery i autumn colors, "Høstfest", 5,0% - - 2012 Skovlyst Biere Rouge

Owl Coffee Stout
Coffee Stout Vintage Selection. Brewed by La Goudale in France.
27,0,VIII, drawing of a owl, MMXXII, 10% - - 2021 Skovlyst Owl

With elderflower and Fruits of the Forest

3,AN, I, 33cl, weak red, drawing of elderflower and fruits of the forest, 2,7% - - 2013

Skovlyst SkovbærHvede

With elderflower and grape.

3,AN, I, 33cl, yellow, drawing of elderflower and grapefruits, 2,7% - - 2012

Skovlyst SommerHvede

Stag Brew
Anniversary Barley Wine. Barlemalt, glukose, mais.

27,0,27, 75cl, black, drawing of a deer with wood antlers, Barley Wine, MMXVI, 12% - - 2016

Skovlyst Stag Brew

Tripel Blonde
Belgisk Ale.

3,AN, I, 33cl, yellow, drawing of a monk and a monastory, 8,3% - - 2013

Skovlyst Tripel Blonde


27,0, 75cl, black, drawing of a wolf, MMXIX, 12% - - 2019

Skovlyst Wolf