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Stensbogaard Bryghus

Pederstrup, Fyn

Established 2007. The brewery is named after the brewers home, the farm Stensbogaard.    

Belgian Blonde
Inspiration from Belgium. The first bottled beer from the brewery. Brewed by barley-, wheat- and ryemalt. Fuggle and Cascade hops.
46,0, black, green-brown band around the bottle, 6,3% - - 2007 Stensbogaard Belgian Blonde

English Dark Stout
Notes of coffee and English liquorice. Brewed by barleymalt and oats.
46,0, black, grey band around the bottle, 6,8% - - 2008 Stensbogaard Modnet Pale Ale

The first christmasbrew from the brewery. Three kinds of malt, barley, wheat and rye. Added brown sugar.
46,0, black, red band around the bottle, 7,8% - - 2007 Stensbogaard Julebryg

Kobber & Karamel
Vienna style. Brewed by barleymalt, oats, brown sugar and english hops.
46,0, black, light coppercolored band around the bottle, 5,3% - - 2008 Stensbogaard Kobber Karamel

Modnet Pale Ale
Imagined as a ordinary pale ale, but is stored longer than normal. Added honey.
46,0, black, light blue band around the bottle, 5,2% - - 2007 Stensbogaard Modnet Pale Ale

The first easterbrew from the brewery. Brewed on wiena- and münichmalt. Added maplesyrup.
46,0, black, Green band around the bottle, 6,8% - - 2008 Stensbogaard Påskebryg

Sushi Biira
Brewed special for the Japanese dish sushi.
46,0, black, white band around the bottle, 4,7% - - 2008 Stensbogaard Sushi Biira