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Stevns Bryghus  
First beer 7.12.2005 - Julekræs.

Brewer Kim Våbengaard. The brewery closed july 2009, but was saved later.

Bankruptcy 2018.



Elverpigens Fryd
On the market summer 2006.
44, 50cl, yelow-orange, two hopsflowers, SB, 4,5% - - 2006 Stevns Elverpigens Fryd

Skt Katharina
Brewed to celebrate the renovation of Kirketorvet (churchsquare) in St. Heddinge. Brewed of barley- and wheatmalt.
44, 50cl, white-redbrown, drawing of pointed roofs, SB, 5,5% - - 2007 Stevns Skt Katharina

Stevnsk Vinter
Introduced 2006. Brewed by barley- and wheatmalt, hops and yeast. Inspired by the german wheat bocks.
44, 50cl, redbrown, drawing of two hopsflowers, SB, 7,0% - - 2007 Stevns Stevnsk Vinter