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Ugelris Vingaard & Gaardbryggeri



Established 2006, but the first official brews was first made and ready for sale in May 2007. Brewer Peter Kaj Knudsen.

He started to make a wineyard. Today he has 3000 winestocks.

When a large part of the inventary is un-used in longer periodes of time, he dissided to use it for beerproduction. It began with bottomfermented beers, later came the top fermeted.

In 2009 stoped Peter Kaj Knudsen with production of ordinary wine. All the grapes are now used for sparkling wine (Champagne-style) called Ugelris Bobler.

In 2011 was the first "grappa" ready, maded on grapes from 2010.

The breweryequipment was replaced in january-february 2012. He can now brew 500 litre pro brew. The old equipment bruned down.

Bryggerens Ale
Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type Ale
28,0, white-redbrown, with black writing, "Fyldig, kastaniefarvet ale til de gode stunder", 7,0% - - 2012 Ugelris Bryggerens Ale

Dark Velvet
New serie named
46,0, gray-blue-orange, "mørk tjekkisk lager", 6,8% - - 2021 Ugelris Dark Velvet

Type grappa.
Long small label, white, black writing, 40% - - 2010 Ugelris Druebrændevin

Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type belgian dubble.
28,0, white, blue with black writing, "Mørk fyldig ale med...", 7,0% - - 2012 Ugelris Dubble

Forårs Bryg
Type mild pilsner.
28,0, white, green-lightbrown, black writing, Forårs Bryg, "Dejlig frisk og mild forårs pilsner", 6,0% - - 2013 Ugelris Forårs Bryg

Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type pilsner.
28,0, white, yellow, black writing, 5,6% - - 2011 Ugelris Frokostpilsner

Hjarbæk Øl
28,0, white, Yellow, black writing, "Solopgang", 6,0% - - 2014 Ugelris Hobro Gammel Jul

Hobro Gammel Jul
Introduced 2011. Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type pilsner. Specialbrew for Vinspecialisten in Hobro.
28,0, white, red, black writing, "Specialbryg...", 7,5% - - 2012 Ugelris Hobro Gammel Jul

Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type: German wheatbeer.
28,0, white, yellow, with black writing, 5,6% - - 2011 Ugelris Hvede

Mørk Lager
Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type lager.
28,0, White, black, with black writing, "Mørk lager pilsnerøl med mild humlesmag", 5,0% - - 2012 Ugelris Mørk Lager

Peters Jul
Unfiltrered and upasteurised. Type bock
28,0, white, red, with black writing, "frisk og fyldig julepilsner...", 7,5% - - 2012 Ugelris Peters Jul

Påske Ale
Unfiltrered and upasteurised. Type ale
28,0, white, orange, with black writing, "Dejlig og frisk kobberfarvet påske ale", 7,0% - - 2013 Ugelris Påske Ale

Hoped pilsner. Taste like IPA. Introduced summer 2014.
28,0, orange, with black writing, "Fyldig humlet pilsner", 7,5% - - 2014 Ugelris Solstorm

Strong Ale
Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. The first was type light pale ale, later the become stronger and type belgian tripple.
28,0, White, gray, with black writing, "Lys pale ale...", 7,5% - - 2007 Ugelris Strong Ale
28,0,White, gray, with black writing, "Lys tripple med...", 8,5% - - 2012 Ugelris Strong Ale

Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret. Type bockpilsner.
28,0, white, ywllow, black writing, 6,5% - - 2011 Ugelris Vincent

Ugelris Bobler
Sparkling wine from green grapes - Zalas Perle. Type champagne.
28,0, white, gray, black writing, 11,5% - - 2009 Ugelris Bobler