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October 28. 2004 was the company Warwik Bryghus founded. The first beer was on the market september 3. 2005.


Blåvand Bock
German bocktype.
5,0, blue, drawing of Blåvand Fyr, Bock, 6,2% - - 2017 Warwik Blåvand Bock

German bocktype with smoked malt. Named after major Flindt Christensen 1938-2001, who served at Sønderjyske Artilleriregiment in Varde 1957-1998.
5,0, blue-red, natur picture, "Artilleribryg", Bock, 6,1% - - 2008 Warwik Flindt

Frk. Friis
The first beer from the brewery. On the market september 3. 2005. The beer is named after a historic person from the city Varde. (which all of the brewerys beers are).Pilsnertype.
5,0, yellow-black, picture of a stream, drawing of a womans head in profil, Pilsner, 4,8% - - 2006 Warwik Frk Friis

Christmasbrew inspirered by French Biere de Garde. Named after Karen Hjertensfryd (1962-2005) who played barrel organ.
5,0, blue-red, drawing of at barrel organ, Julebryg, 8,0% - - 2009 Warwik Hjertensfryd

Sankt Nicolai Trippel
Brewed at Proef Brouwerij in Belgium for Warwik. One out of a serie of three beers.
5,0, I, blue, yellow script, background picture from a abbey room, 9,2% - - 2007 Warwik Sankt Nicolai Trippel