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Slotsbryggeriet Gavnø

Slotsbryggeriet Føniks



The brewery at the castle Gavnø opened may, 1. 2008.
The project began unter the name Næstved bryggeriet Føniks, born by John Serritslev from Slagelse Bryghus in 2006, but end up to be a castlebrewery.

Slotsbryggeriet Gavnø and Slotsbryggeriet Føniks are at the same place.


Gavnø Hvede
Brewed by wheatmalt and three different barleymalts.
5,0, yellow with brown writing, "Slotsaftapning", escutcheon as watermark, 4,9%, - - 2008 Gavnø Hvedeøl

Gavnø Julebryg
Brewed by four different barleymalts. Orangpeels, fennikel and coriander. Unfiltrered and unpasteuriseret.
5,0, reøl with silver writing," Slotsaftapning", christmas heart, escutcheon as watermark, 7,2%, - - 2010 Gavnø Julebryg

Føniks Honey I am Home
Brewed with barleymalt. Romflambéed rasins and honey.
5,0, gray, bee with a heart, Fønixs-bird, 10%, - - 2008 Føniks Honey I am home