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Ørbæk Bryggeri (old)    

Ørbæk Bryggeri was founded in 1906 by the family Madsen, who owned the brewery in three generations.

The brewery brew originaly maltbeer and hvidtøl ( a Danish type of householdbeer). The brewery was well known for its "stakitøl", made with smoked malt from the maltproduction inside the brewery.

Ørbæk Bryggeri went bankruptsy in the early 1970'ties. It was reestablished by a group of citizents and the dairyman Preben Faurholt. He started production of pilsner in 1986. Some years after he gave up the pilsnerbrewing.

In 1996 was the brewery finialy closed.

The Family Rømer bought the buildings in 1998 to make soft drink production. In 2002 they choose to brew beers in the old equipment. See beers from the new Ørbæk Bryggeri here

Lys Ørbæk Hvidtøl
1,A 33 cl, green, hopsleaf and hopsflowers, old. dekl., neck Lys "drik den kold" - - 1987

Merko Pilsner
Labelbeer for Merko.
1,A 33 cl, gren, drawing of Fyn, Pilsner, neck Merko, 4,6% - - 1990

The first pilsner from Ørbæk Bryggeri. The beer came in 1986 and was only on the market few years.
1,A 33 cl, green, red "seal", neck drawing of the island Fyn, "Pilsner" - - 1987

Ørbæk Stakit Øl
"Landøl" (countrybeer) tapt on small bottles as a substitute for "stakit".
1,A, brown-yellow, drawing of a stakitbeer, old. dekl., neck brown "Gammeldaws Landøl" - - year??