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Raupach´s Bryggeri


Founded in 1892 unter the name Bryggeriet Hads Herred. Since it was taken over by Lorentz Raupach and named after him.

Closed in 1974.


Prima Taffel Øl Hvidtøl
1,A, blue-white, drawing of the brewery, Raupachs Bryggeri, u-dekl, RA002 - - year?? Raupach Prima Taffel Hvidtøl

Paaske Hvidtøl
1,A, yellow-brown, RB, daffodils in a circel, neck Raupachs Bryggeri, daffodils, without-declaration, RA001 - - year?? Raupach Paaske Hvidtøl