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Castlemaine Perkins

Milton, Australia

A Kirin Company


The Castlemaine Perkins Brewery was established at Milton in 1878, by two young Irishmen, Nicholas and Edward Fitzgerald.

Castlemaine XXX Sparkling Ale was first brewed in 1878. The beer was given an extra X in 1916 when the brewing process improved (Some says in the fourex XXXX came in 1924).

Acquired in 1992 by Lion Nathan. From 2009 a part of the Japanese Kirin Group.

XXXX Export Lager

XXXX. Export Lager, 4,8% ABV.


Brewed in UK under licence from Castlemaine Perkins.

Bal. 10,8.

XXXX Original Draught

XXXX. Original Draught, 4,8% ABV.