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Brauhaus Bevog

Bad Radkersburg, Austria


Bevog brewery is dedicated primarily to beers of top fermentation


Hagger Blend 1116

Beers from the Paperbag series are matured in diverse spirits oak barrels for several months or years. The Base beer, before it goes to the barrels, is already a big and complex beer, but maturation time in oak barrels gives them another dimension, that just overwhelms your taste buds. These bottles are filled in very limited quantities and each bottle is going through a process of hand waxing and hand packaging.

This barley wine is a blend of multiple batches of beer, which were aged in different spirits oak barrels. Its complex aroma of oak, dark and sweet caramel, vanilla, coconut, cacao, roast, dark fruits and berries is a product of a complex brewing combined with the long maturation time and in the end of time spent in oak barrels.

Hagger. 2017

33 cl. 12,1% ABV.