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Austria. (Heineken)


In 1858 opend Franz Schaup Brauerei Zipf. In 1967 came Zipfer Urtyp on the market.

Brauerei Zipf merged with Brau AG in 1971.

After a merger by Brau AG and Steirerbrau was the beergroup from 1.1.1998 unter the Brau-Union Österreich AG formed.

From 2003 part of Heineken.


Introduced in 1967.

Brauerei Zipf Vorm. Brauereifüllung. Without date and declaration.

Märzen. 2010.

Brauerei Zipf. 33cl.

Introduced in 1967.
Orignal - Urtyp. 2007.

5,4%. Stammwürze 12,2. Brewed by barleymalt, rice and hops.