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De Brabandere Bavik

Bavikhove, Belgium


In 1894 Adolphe De Brabandere build the brewery. One of his children, Joseph De Brabandere, concocted that very same year his very first brew.

In 1975 the brewey had 150 customers and when they celebrated their centenary they counted about thousands of clients. It was then that the ‘Petrus Oud Bruin’ was born and became a huge success.

Today, four generations since its establishment, Bavik Brewery is still a family run business.

Blond. For Kopmannen.

Kwaremont, 33 cl. 2021.

6,6 % ABV. Pittig Blond.

Petrus Aged Pale
Lambic type. Aged for 24 month.

Aged Pale, 33 cl. 2017.

7,3 % ABV. 100% Foeder Bier.

Petrus Aged Red
15% Petrus Aged Pale and 85% double with cherrys.

Aged Red, 33 cl. 2017.

8,5 % ABV.

Petrus Dubble Bruin
Brown-Bruin type

Dubbel Bruin, 33 cl. 2010.

6,5 % ABV.

Petrus Oud Bruin
Oud-Bruin type

Oud bruin, 75 cl. 2014.

The Key to Heaven.

5,5 % ABV.

Petrus Rood Bruin
33% Petrus Aged Pale and 67% young bruin beer.

Rood Bruin, 33 cl. 2017.

5,5 % ABV.

Petrus Speciale

Amber coloured top-fermented beer, brewed according to an old traditional recipe.

Speciale, 33 cl, 2010.

5,5 % ABV.

Petrus Winter Ale

Season brew.

Winterbier, 75 cl, 2013.

9 % ABV.

Petrus Winterbier

Season brew.

Winterbier, 25 cl, 2002.

6,5 % ABV.


Blonde. The drawing is inspired by the painting of Pieter Breughel the elder "Flemish proverbs" 1559.

Bier met een ziel, 33 cl, 2007.

7,5 % ABV.


Rosé Beer.

Rosarda. Rosé Beer, 250ml, 2012.

4,3 % ABV.


Season brew. Double Wit Ale.

Wittekerke, Winter White Ale, 75 cl, 2013.

7,5 % ABV.