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De Dolle Brouwers

Esen, Belgium


Founder around 1835 by doctor in medecine, Louis Nevejan. He died in 1882 and the brewery was sold to Alouis Costenoble. The family brewed for three generations until 1980 when the brewery stopped. Beer brands include COQ PILS OUD BRUIN & COSMOS.

In 1980 two brothers began brewing at home - the Oerbier, they desided to take over the old brewery, and give it new life.


Boskeun is the nickname of Jo, one of the two brothers who preferred to brew blond beer at home. It is a special Easter beer, one of the first real Belgian Easter beers. Pale malt, Golding hops and cane sugar.

Boskeun. Special passbier. 2002

12,0 % ABV.

Dulle Teve

Dulle Teve means Mad Bitch.

Dulle Teve. Triple. 2002

10,0 % ABV.


Oeral is an belgian ale. Are not brewed anymore.

Oerbier. 2003

6,0 % ABV.


Oerbier means original, from the source. This beer was first brewed in small scale (5 gallons) at home in a copper wash kettle, by the two brothers, who were students at the time. Brewed with Poperinge Golding hops in flowers.

Oerbier. 2003

9,0 % ABV.

Stille Nacht

brewed with pale malt with white candy sugar.

Stille Natch. 2005

12,0 % ABV.

Stille Natch. 2006

12,0 % ABV.