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Brouweij De Ranke

Wevelgem, Belgium


The brewery was founded in 1994 by Nino Bacelle under his own name. In the beginning they had only one ale, the Guldenberg, named after the Guldenberg Abbey in Wevelgem.

He started with brewing in a existing brewery - The Deca Brewery

Mid nineties Nino got to know Guido Devos trough the beer tasters association HOP. In 1996 they decide to bundle their powers. “Brewery Nino Bacelle” becomes a BVBA of which o both own a fifty percent share and is now called “Brewery De Ranke”. The name came from the hop ranks and has been chosen because we are convinced that hops are the most important ingredient in there ales.

After 11 years of brewing at the Deca Brewery a totally new brewery was started in Dottignies in the province of Hainaut.

Père Noël

Brewers Gold hops and Hallertau hops.

Père Noël. 2012

7,0 % ABV.