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Browerij Haacht




First Brew was 14. june 1898. Brewer and owner was Eugène De Ro. The first four years was only topfermented beers brewed.


This luxury pils beer was already brewed in 1955 by Haacht Brewery.

Premium Luxux Beer. 2002.

6,5 % ABV. 14.4° Plato

In the earlier days, Gildenbier ("guild beer") was closely connected with the guild of archers in Diest. This beer was only drunk at the annual Guild Ball. The barrels of beer were stored under close guard in the cellars of the town hall and only taken upstairs on the night of the ball, at which candidate members had to undergo an ordeal by fire. On the stroke of 12 o'clock , they had to drink a litre of Gildenbier standing on one leg. Those who could keep their feet, despite the vicious shoves of other memebers, were accepted into the guild. At the end of the ball, all remaining Gildenbier was drawn off into bottles. Only guild members were allowed to take the beer home to mature in the cellar until it became nectar.
Gildenbier. 2002.

7,0 % ABV. 25cl. 15.8° Plato

Keizer Karel Blonde
The Emperor Charles V (Karel V) was emperor over most of Europe. He lived from 1500 to 1558 and was born i Ghent. He was brought up i Mechelen
Keizer Karel / Charles Quint

Blonde. Top fermented. 9%. 18.1° Plato

Keizer Karel / Charles Quint. 2012

Blonde. Top fermented. 75 cl., 8,5%.

Keizer Karel Rouge
Keizer Karel / Charles Quint

Rouge. Top fermented. 8,5%.

Keizer Karel / Charles Quint. 2012

Roby, Red. Top fermented, 75cl., 8,5%.

Malonne Blonde
Made for Brassereie de Malonne

Malonne Blonde. 75 cl. 2005

Abdijbier. 6,3% ABV

Malonne Brune
Made for Brassereie de Malonne

Malonne Brune. 33 cl. 2005

Abdijbier. 6,3% ABV


Primus Haacht. 50 cl. 2020

Premium Lager. Belgian Orgin. 5,2% ABV

Tongerlo Christmas Beer

Tongerlo. 75 cl. 2012

Christmas Beer. 7% ABV

Tongerlo. 33 cl. 2018

Christmas Beer. 7% ABV

Tongerlo Tripel

Tongerlo. 75 cl. 2020

Tripel. Authendiek Belgisch Abdijbier. 9% ABV

Tongerlo. 75 cl. 2020

Light brown color. Tripel. Authendiek Belgisch Abdijbier. 9% ABV