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Oudenaarde, Belgium


Since 1649. Was owned by the same family until 2008, where it went bankrupt, and was bought by Duvel Moorgart.


Jan van Gent
The belgian name for Northern gannet (Morus bassanus), and the name of the fourth son of King Edward III of England.

Jan van Gent ´n exclusief artisanaal ongefilterd Liefmans brouwsel.

50cl, 5,5%, 2009.

It starts with and old brown beer which is macerated with fresh whole cherries in shallow,horizontal tanks (every 100 litre brown beer holds 13 kilos cherries). Then it matures for about one year. Afterwards it is blended with both Oud Bruin and Goudenband of differents ages.

Kriek, 50cl, 6,0%, 2004.

Best Beer in the Category for European Bottled Beer at CAMRA festival in London 1995. Gold Avard in Australie 2000.

Sweet and sour.

Kriek, 50cl, 6,0%, 2010.

The Brewing Industri International Awards. Fruit Beer Bronze Gold Avard 2004.

Oudenaarde - Belgium

Oud Bruin Bier

Liefmans. 1679. 1990

25cl, 5%.