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N. V. Palm Breweries

De Gouden Boom, Belgium


First sign of the brewery is in 1597 where the archives of the commune of Steenhuffel mentions "a manor, situated opposite the Church, called Den Hoorn. In 1747 are the first "official" sign of brewing activities at Steenhuffel. A list of traders and shopkeepers mension the public houses "De Oude Croon", "Het Hoefijzer" and "De Drij Coninghen". It also mentions two breweries: "De Hoorn" and "De Valck".

In 1975 is the name changes from De Hoorn to Brouwerij Palm.

Palm acquires Rodenbach in 1998.

Brugge Tripel
An amber colour beer of top fermentation and re-fermented in the bottle. It has a full-malt taste and a soft, fine aromatic aftertaste.
Brugge Tripel. 2007.

8,2% ABV.

Palm Royale

Alfred Van Roy, founder of Palm Breweries, turned ninety in 2003. That festive moment does the brewery celebrate with this beer. Alfred Van Roy: de Van Roy-Ale.
In the thirties Alfred made his first moves in his father's brewery and learned the technical tricks of the trade at Brussels brewery school. The result is well-known. In 1952 he definitely took over the brewery and in the years after that he would quickly develop into one of the most renowned brewers in the country. A beer artist who would gain name and fame in Belgium and beyond with his unique creations and pioneering ideas. Royale is a luxury beer.

Palm Royale. 2009.

7,5 % ABV.

Palm Speciale


Palm Speciale. 1990.

5 % ABV.

Waar Brabant Trots op is. L´orgueil du Brabant. 1747.

Steenbrugge dubbel bruin
In 2003, the prior of St Peter’s Abbey authorised PALM Breweries to brew STEENBRUGGE Abbey beer. He instructed Belgian’s largest brewing family to safeguard the legacy of St Arnold for its descendants.
Steenbrugge dubbel bruin. 2009.

6,5 % ABV.

Steenbrugge brune. 2019.

6,5 % ABV.

Steendonk wit bier
STEENhuffel tot a breenDONK
Steendonk. 1990.

4,5 % ABV. Brabandt Wit Bier. Biere Blanche du Brabant.