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Brouweij Riva



Brewery Desplenter or RIVA was founded in 1896 by Henri Desplenter. His son Maurice Desplenter took over in 1927.

The family founded in 1968 the company RIVA Desplenter.

The best selling product was the Dentergems Wheat Beer, which was launched in the seventies.

Riva bought the brands Vondel and Lucifer. The brewery also received the control of De Halve Maan Brewery in 1988, and retained the brand Straffe Henry.

Liefmans brewery was incorporated in 1990. From 2005 until the bankruptcy it was officially known as Liefmans Breweries end of 2007.


Dentergems - Riva Blanche
Wit beer.
Riva Blanche. Dentergems. 1992.

5,0% ABV.

Quebec consignee.

Oud Bruin.
Vondel. 1986.


P.V.B.A. Riva.