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Roeselare, Belgium


Founded 1821 by the four brothers Pedro, Alexander, Ferdinand and Constantijn.

The brewery was famours for mixing old and young beers.

Bought by Palm in 1998.

Alexander Rodenbach
Alexander Rodenbach ran the brewery from 1821 (together with his brothers Pedro, Ferdinand and Constantijn). The beer was first brewed in 1986 to celebrate the 200 years for Alexander Rodenbachs birthsday.
Alexander Rodenbach, 1990

25cl. 6,5% ABV.

Bier Bière.

Alexander Rodenbach, 1995

25cl. 6,0% ABV.

Bier Bière.

Rodenbach Alexande, 2020

33cl. 5,6% ABV.

Aged in oak foeders. Red ale macerated with juice from sour cherries.

Caractere Rouge
Limited Edition. Caractère Rouge was developed in 2011 in collaboration with top chef Viki Geunes (2 Michelin stars). This exclusive beer is created by adding an extra six months’ fermenting maceration with cherries, raspberries and cranberries to beer that has already undergone two years’ maturation in oak casks.
Caractère Rouge, 2015

75cl. 7% ABV.

Grand Cru
Later made by Palm Brewery
Grand Cru, 2003

33cl. 6% ABV.

Later made by Palm Brewery
Rodenbach, 1989

25cl. 5% ABV.

Rodenbach, 1990

25cl. 5% ABV.

Bier Bière.

Rodenbach, 1994

33cl. 5% ABV.

Bier Bière. New datemarking.

Rodenbach, 2003

33cl. 5% ABV.

200 years - Red Tripel
The 200th years anniversary beer from the brewery.
Rodenbach. 2021

Red Tripel. 8,2% ABV.