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Brouwerij Roman

Oudenaarde, Belgium


The story of the brewery began in 1545. The Roman family's brewery is located in Mater, east of the city of Oudenaarde. The village, which is now part of Oudenaarde, as well as the family name, probably find their origins back in the Roman ages. in those days, the brewery was located along a major road connecting Germany to France. Along this commercial route, there was a halt place called "De Clocke", in which travelers were able to rest and spend the night. They could rest their horses, get them stabled or get a fresh horse if necessary. This stagecoach in an inn, a farm, a mill, a malt house, as well as a brewery of course.

After 1945, the focus was put on rebuilding ther former market, and the bottom-fermented beer Romy Pils was created to complete the product range. Thank to the production of Romy Pils, the turnover increased dramatically and the brewery went through a new period of expansion.

1990 was the year of the succesful launch of the Ename abbey beers: Ename Double and Ename Triple. This range of abbey beers was reinforced by the Ename Blond (1997) and the amber-red winter version Ename Cuvée 974 (2002). This beer replaced the Christmas Bell that had lost popularity. The Mater Witbier (white beer) was put on the market in 1993.

Adriaen Brouwer

Before Word War II, the brewery struck gold with the launch of the 'dark' Roman Oudenaards. This extraordinary production boom happened under the impulse of the three Roman brothers, who run the brewery at that time. They led the brewery safely through the two World Wars and made the brewery grow into a succesful company.

In 2003, the Roman Brewery decided that the time had come to relaunch its dark beer Roman Oudenaards, on whicht its fame had been built, under the name Adriaen Brouwer. This proved to be a succesful way to revamp its traditional dark beer.

Adriaen Brouwer. 5,0 % ABV. 2009.

Brown beer.

Ename Dubbel
Introduced in 1990. Today Ename is a part of the city Oudenaarde. Earliere was a Benedictine abbey located there. It remain until 1794, when the revolutionary government of France ordered that the monastery at Ename be closed forever.
Abbey beer. 6,5 % ABV. 2006.