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Brouwerij Sterkens

Meer, Belgium


Fourteen generations of the Sterkens family have been brewing top-fermented beers in the village of Meer in the North of Belgium since 1651.

Until 1990, our brewery mainly distributed its beers to over 500 restaurants and pubs in Belgium. In the past 15 years, however, the brewery has increasingly shifted its focus to the export market and at present, some 95% of production is sold abroad.

Drawing of St. Catherina’s Church and the Hoogstraten Coat of Arms. Hoogstraten was chartered in 1210, when it was granted the title of ‘free town’.

Poorter. 1210-1985. 1990, 6,5%.

Hoogstraten, Brewed and bottled by Br. Sterkens. Meer.

Sint Laurent Triple
Tripel type.

Sint Laurent. Triple, 50 cl. 1990. 7,6%.

18% Plato.

Stad Sint - Niklaas
Tripel type. Bought by De Vidts Sint Niklaas. I think it is a Strekens beer.

Stad Sint - Niklaas, 50 cl. 2008, 7,6%.

De Vidts, Industripark Noord.

St Paul Double

St.Paul. 2004.

Double. Cerverza Especial.

St Sebastiaan Dark

St. Sebastiaan, 50 cl. 2004.

6,9% ABV. 17,2 % Plato.

Cerveza Especial. Import Waegemans, Barcelona.

St Sebastiaan, 50 cl. 2004.