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Brouwerij Strubbe

Ichtegem, Belgium


Founded in 1830 by Carolus Strubbe.


Houten Kop
1983, due to an experiment of 5 jolly drinking partners from Zele (Eastern Flanders), led by Marc Vael, a brew named 'houten kop' (~hangover) was discovered and was brought into production by Strubbe. This fruity amber coloured beer is blessed with a delicate aroma, provided by a daring mix of herbs, which Marc Vael and his friends jealously guarded a secret for years.
Houten Kop. 2009. 25cl.

6,5 % ABV.

Keyte Oostendse Dobbel-Tripel
In 2007 Marc Strubbe created a strong, sweet to bitter variation on the successful Keyte Tripel. Dark, well-balanced caramel and aromatic malts give this beer a full-bodied, malty character with notes of caramel and chocolate. The traditional top fermentation ensures a unique beer with extremely thirst-quenching properties.
Keyte Oostendse Dobbel-Tripel. 2021. 33cl.

9,2 % ABV.

Keyte Oostendse Tripel
Created at the request of the 'Oostendse Bierjutters', a group of enthusiastic zythologists in 2004, where the city of Ostend commemorates the 400th anniversary of the 'Siege of Ostend that took place from 1601 to 1604'.
Keyte Oostendse Tripel. 2021. 33cl.

7,7 % ABV.

Snake Beer
The beer is brewed under the authority of Al Paso Co. Texas and bottled at B-8480, Europe. - probably by Strubbe.

Snake Beer. Premium American Classics. 1995.

33cl. 4,5 % ABV. Product of USA.