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Ter Dolen

Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium


The current castle Ter Dolen (De Dool) dates back to the 16th Century, but the estate’s history draws back much farther. Throughout the centuries, the castle had a turbulent history. After the French Revolution, it was sold into private ownership, and at some point, housed a school. By 1977, the castle was uninhabited and started to decay. In 1993, Mieke Desplenter purchased the castle and its estate, and started a renovation project. A year later, the Ter Dolen brewery opened its doors.


Dryhoped with Cascade hops. This beer was designed in honor of the co-founder “Armand Desplenter”, father of Mieke Desplenter.
Armand. Belgisch Blond Bier, 2020.

7,0% ABV. 16,9 Plato.

Use of grain during the brewing process.
Tripel, 2020.

8,1% ABV. 17,9 Plato.