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Brasserie du Val de Sambre

Gozee, Belgium


The Abbey D'Aulne is from 657. There has been brewed beers at the abbey from the middle ages to 1850. In 1859 when the last monk died, the Monastery was abandoned and turned into a hospice.

Around 1950, Aulne abbey beers became available again, being successfully produced by a number of different breweries. In 2006, the Abbey became property of Wallonia as a historic monument.

Since june 2000,  beer brewing was re-established at the abbey site as Brasserie du Val de Sambre. The modern brewery is now installed in the old abbey stables which date from the early 1800's.

Cuvee Royale

Abbaye D'Aulne, Cuvee Royale, 2015

9,0% ABV. 15 EBU. 70 EBC


Premier Cru


Abbaye D'Aulne, Premier Cru, 2015

9,0% ABV. 20 EBU. 11 EBC