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Van Eecke

Watou, Belgium


The Yedegem family owned a castle in Watou. In 1629 did the family become an earldom. The family had a brewery attached to their castle.

During the french revolution was both the castle and the brewery destroyed. After the revolution was only the brewery.

In 1862 bougth the Van Eecke familiy the brewery and named it Gouden Leeu (golden lion). Only high fermeted beers were brewed at the gouden leuw.

The prodution of abbey beers started after World Wars II. The beers was named Het Kapittel. The brewery has made wheatbeers since 1998.

Het Kapittel Blonde
Het Kapittel Blonde. 2003.

33 cl. 6,5% ABV. Abbey type.

Het Kapittel Dubbel
Het Kapittel Dubbel. 2005.

33 cl. 7,5% ABV. Abbey type.

Het Kapittel Pater
Het Kapittel Pater. 2003.

33 cl. 6,0% ABV. 12,8 Plato. Abbey type.

Kapittel Tripel
Tripel. 2013.

33 cl. 10,0% ABV.

Kapittel Winter
Winter. 2015.

33 cl. 7,8% ABV.

Oud Bruin Vieille Brune. 2009.

25 cl. 6,0% ABV.

Poperings Hommel Bier
Made with a blend of three types of local hops from Poperinge. Originaly made for a local hops-festival in 1981. Van Eecke changed another of their beers and made this beer.
Poperings Hommel Bier. 2003.

33 cl. 7,5% ABV.

Poperings Hommel Bier. 2019.

33 cl. 7,5% ABV.