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Van Honsebrouck

Ingelmunster, Belgium


Founded by Amandus Van Honsebrouck.

Luc Van Honsebrouck decides in 1955 to stop brewing lager and to focus on the ’Old Flemish Brown’ Bacchus. In 1958 he starts with Lambic and later with Kriek under the name of Saint-Louis.

Bacchus Framboises

12,5% raspberries. Based on Bacchus Old Flemish Brown.

5,0 % ABV. Belgish Bier - Bière Belge. 2012.

Barista Choolate Quad

New name for Kasteel Winter. Quadrouple.

Belgian Ale Barista Chocolate Quad.

11 % ABV. by Kasteel. 2016.


Launched in 1980. In 1798, the Flemish peasants (the "brigands") drove the French soldiers out of Ingelmunster. Brigand beer is strong (like the brigands). This amber-coloured beer owes its full-bodied and slightly bitter taste from the Saaz hops. Should be served at 9°C .

37,50cl. Bottle fermented. 1989.

9,0 % ABV.

37,50cl. Bottle fermented. 1989.

9,0 % ABV.

Black name on top.

Mini. 25cl. Bottle fermented. 1989.

9,0 % ABV.

9,0 % ABV. 2009.

Brigand IPA

Brigand I.P.A. is an amber-coloured beer. Made with Poperingegrown hop.

6,5 % ABV. 40 EBU. 2009.

Kasteel Bier Bruin
Launched in 1986.
Kasteel Bier Bruin. 2009.

Top fermented. Made with English hops. 11 %.

Kasteel Hoppy
Kasteel Hoppy. 2021.

Top fermented. 6,5 % ABV.

Kasteel Rouge
Launched in 2007. Cherriebeer. Barleymalt and wheat.
Kasteel Rouge. 2009.

Top fermented. 8 % ABV.

Slurfke Bruin
Slurfke Bruin. 2019.

Top fermented. 8,5 % ABV.

Belgisch artisanaal bier. Anno 2012.

St. Louis Cassis
St. Louis
Cassis Lambic. 2004

Lambic with 25 % cassis, 3,6 %

St. Louis Kriek Lambic
St. Louis
Kriek - Lambic. 1989. 37,5 cl.

Lambic with cherry, 5,0 %

St. Louis Kriek

St. Louis Peche. Lambic
St. Louis
Peche - Lambic. 1989

Lambic with peches, 5,0 %

St. Louis Peche

St. Louis Premium Faro
St. Louis
Premium Faro.

Lambic with sugar candy, 3,2 %