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Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Ertvelde, Belgium


The brewery’s history dates back to 1874. At the time, the “DE PEER” brewery was established in Ertvelde. Paul Van Steenberge changed the brewery’s name to Brouwerij Bios in 1919, after the eponymous beer that was produced there at the time. This BIOS beer was known as the “Flemish Burgundy”, a high-fermentation beer, brewed after the brewery’s own artisan recipe.

In 1978, the brewery acquired the recipe of the beer brewed by the Augustine Friars in their abbey in Ghent since 1295.

In 1978, the brewery acquired the recipe of the beer brewed by the Augustine Friars in their abbey in Ghent. The recipe was further developed in Ertvelde and was launched in 1982 under the name “Augustijn”. It was an immediate hit and today it continues to be the brewery’s best-selling beer. The brewery’s extensive range was completed with other high-fermentation beers, such as Piraat and Gulden Draak.

In 1990, the new computer-controlled brewing hall was built, as well as a computer-controlled keg filling line, a water purification installation, a new bottling line and a power installation converted to natural gas.

In 2009, the range was completed with Augustijn Dark. The launch of this new beer was an excellent excuse to restyle and update Augustijn Blond and Augustijn Grand Cru.

Blonde. Since 1295, the Augustine Friars have been brewing Augustijn beer in their abbey in Ghent. At present, Augustijn is produced by the Van Steenberge.

Augustijn, 1988.

16,5 % Plato


Bornem. 2018.

6 % ABV. 33 cl.

Cuvée Chateau Des Flanders
Under licens recipe from De Hopduvel, Gent.

Cuvée Chateau Des Flanders, about 1991.

8 % ABV. 25 cl.

Gulden Draak
Introduced 1987. The Gulden Draak is named after the golden statue at the top of the Belfry in Ghent.

Barley Wine, 11 % Vol

Brewed by Bios. Golden top. Barcode.

Brune. 11 % Vol. 1992

Bios capsule.

Barley Wine, 10,5 % Vol. 2003.

23,5 % Plato

Barley Wine, 10,5 % Vol. 2008.

23,5 % Plato

Gulden Draak Ale.

Export to California.

Barley Wine, 10,5 % Vol. 2009. 23,5 % Plato

Gulden Draak, 10,5 % Vol. 2014.


23,5 % Plato

Gulden Draak, 10,5 % Vol. 2014.

33cl. 23,5 % Plato

Gulden Draak, 10,5 % Vol. 2017.


23,5 % Plato

Gulden Draak, 10,5 % Vol. 2018.

inh. 33cl. 23,5 % Plato

Gulden Draak Classic, 10,5 % Vol. 2019.

inh. 33cl. 23,5 % Plato.

The authentic Dark Red Triple.

Gulden Draak Brewmaster
Limited Edition 2019.

Gulden Draak, 201921.

Limited edition 2019. Bfrewmaster.

10,5 % ABV.

Gulden Draak Imperial Stout

Gulden Draak Imperial Stout, 2021.

12 % ABV.

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple
Introduced to celebrate 25 years for Gulden Draak beer. 9000 is the postal number of the city Ghent in Belgium.

Quadruple, 2012.

10,5 % ABV

Quadruple, 2019.

33cl. 10,5 % ABV

Quadruple, 2021.

33cl. 10,5 % ABV



Gulden Draak - 3rd Brewmasters Edition
Aged in whiskey barrels Brewmaster JefVersele, 6th generation brewer crafted this beer as a tributet to his grandfather Jozef Van Steenberge.

Quadruple, 2015.

10,5 % ABV

Leute Bokbier

Leute. Bokbier. 2021.

Anno 1927.

7,5 % ABV


Piraat. 2020.

10,5 % ABV

Piraat Special Reserve
Aged in rum barrels.

Piraat. 2021.

Piraat Ale. Aged in Rum Barrels.

10,5 % ABV

Piraat 3 Triple

Piraat 3. Triple Hop, 2019.

10,5 % ABV

Piraat 3. Triple Hop, 2020.

White text. 10,5 % ABV

Snoâs Boksken Tripel
Brewed for van t Wijnveld

Tripel, 2009.

9 % ABV