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Carling O'Keefe Breweies, Canada   

Thomas Carling opend a brewery in 1840 in London, Ontario.

Eugene O'Keefe, a wealthy banker, purchased the Hannath & Hart Brewery in 1862.

E. P. Taylor began forming Canadian Breweries Limited in 1930.Carling was acquired in 1930, and O'Keefe by 1934.

The name Carling O'Keefe came i 1973.

In 1989 part of Molson Breweries.


OV Old Vienna
Was a brand bottled by City Brewing. City Brewing was owned by Karl Kolter and his son Charles, who immigrated from Wallhalben, Germany, to Ohio in the mid-19th century. Today a Canadian beer.
OV Old Vienna.

5,0 % vol. 341 ml.

Lager Beer Biere.

Twist cap.