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A le Coq

Tartu, Estonia


Company A. Le Coq & Co. dealing with beverage trade was established in Prussia in 1807 by a family bearing the same name descending from the Huguenots who escaped from France in the 17th century. In 1820-ies, Albert L. J. Le Coq settled in London in order to trade with the products of family’s wine manor. He soon started to bottle and export under his name Russian Imperial Stout.

The owners of A. Le Coq were looking for many years for a suitable brewery to manufacture Imperial stout in Russia, in the end Tivoli Ltd. in Tartu proved to be chosen. After the water analyses were approved, H. O. Sillem bought all company shares in March 1912.

In 1941 was A. Le Coq Ltd. Nationalized and renamed AS Tartu Õlletehas.

In 2004 Tartu Õlletehas Ltd. changes its name into A. Le Coq Tartu Õlletehas Ltd.


Dobbel Bock

Bock. The light Double Bock is the first of its kind in Estonia.


Double Bock, 8,0% ABV. 2003.




A light corn beer.

Maiz, 4,6% ABV. 2010.



Special 1807

Jubilee Edition to celebrate the birth of the company in 1807.

Special 1807, 5,2% ABV. 2010.

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