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Antica Birreria

Triest, Italy


Founded 1766 by austrian people.

The company’s name is taken from that of a famous brewery that was founded in the “Borgo Teresiano” district of the city in 1766, when Empress Maria Theresa of Austria transformed the small fishing village into the most important maritime trade centre of the Habsburg Empire.
The Theresianer Brewery, established through the entrepreneurial skill of Martino Zanetti and guided by the invaluable knowledge of the best master brewers, has been producing high-quality beer in the finest Central-European tradition since 2000.


Pale Ale
Theresianer Pale Ale. 6,5% ABV. 2002.

Strong Ale

Theresianer Strong Ale.

8,5% ABV. 2001.

Austrian flag.

Theresianer Strong Ale.

8,5% ABV. 2016.

Italian flag.

Theresianer Weizen. 5,3% ABV. 2003.