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G. Menabrea e Figli

Biella, Italy


Menabrea brewery is the oldest in Italy. Built in 1846 in Biella by the brothers Antonio and Gian Battista Caraccio. In 1854 the Caraccio brothers rented the brewery to Jean Joseph Menabrea and Antonio Zimmermann, both from Gressoney and partners in the Zimmermann Brewery that was founded in Aosta in 1837. The bought the brewery from the Caraccio-brothers in 1864.

Menabrea 1846 is still brewed in the original building, which boasts an extensive network of underground cellars where the beer is fermented and aged.

The Menabrea brewery in Biella became part of the FORST group in 1991.


150 Anniversario Ambrata
Marzen type
Amber Beer. 5,0% Vol. 660 ml. 2007

11,8 % plato.

150 Anniversario Bionda 1846
Pilsner type. Menabrea 1846 has won numerous international awards, the first being the Gold medal Award at the London International Exhibition in 1925, and the most recent being the top prize for two years running at the Chicago International Beer Championships (1997 & 1998).
Birra. 4,8% Vol. 2002

11,2 % plato.

Birra Strong. 6,5% Vol. 2013


Limited Edition Stagione 2012/13. Linos Chrysikopoulos 15.