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Birra Moretti

Udine, Italia


Since 1859.

From the company website is here the story about the man on the label : In 1942, Birra Moretti had already been a popular drink all over Friuli for over 80 years. One day, Commander Lao Menazzi Moretti saw a pleasant-looking old man with a moustache sitting at a little table in the Boschetti di Tricesimo inn (Udine).
He was just the kind of character Moretti had been looking for to represent the qualities and character of his beer: wholesome, traditional and authentic.
Commander Moretti didn’t let him get away. He went up to him and asked the man if he could photograph him and also asked him what he would like in return. "Cal mi dedi di bevi, mi baste" – answered the man in Friuli dialect, which means "Get me a drink, that’ll do.".
The photographs were taken and were used after the turbulent times caused by the war were over, when they were handed over to Professor Segala, a famous poster artist of the time.
Segala, following Commander Moretti’s descriptions of the original colours (the photographs were, of course, in black and white), created an advertising billboard which was used for years, wherever Birra Moretti was sold. This billboard gave rise to the now-famous Birra Moretti label.

Birra Moretti
Type: Pilsner.

Birra Moretti. 1992.

Birra Friulana. Imported.

330ml. 4,5% ABV.

Birra Moretti. 1994.

Una Sociata del Gruppo John Labatt.

66cl. 4,6% ABV.

Birra Moretti. 2013.

33cl. 4,6% ABV.

Alpini Piacenza.

Baffo D'oro

Baffo D'oro. 2013.

66cl. 4,6% ABV.

Serie with contents from different regions, here carnberry.

Alla Piemontese. 2016.

50cl. 5,5% ABV.

Birra chiara con selezioni de mirtillo rosso e riso Piemontesi.

Sans Souci

Sans Souci. 1989.

33cl. 5,8% ABV. Bière de Luxe Réserv Export.

Double Malt. 15 VOL% SACC.

Sans Souci. 1999.

66cl. 5,6% ABV. Bière de Luxe Réserv Export.

Premium Quality.

82' Giro d'Italia