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Birrificio Poretti


An Carlsberg Company


Since 1877.



Grimbergen Belgian Pale Ale

Grimbergen is a group of Belgian abbey beers. The abbey is from 1128. The beers are now brewed by Alken Maes brewery group, or by Kronenbourg in France and Poretti in Italy.

Belgian Pale Ale is introduced in 2019.

Belgian Pale Ale, 2019.

75cl. 5,5 % ABV.

Brewed by Poretti.

Belgian Pale Ale, 2022.

75cl. 5,5 % ABV.

Brewed by Carlsberg Italy.

7 Luppoli
7 Luppoli L’Estiva (7 Hops – The Summer edition)- a smooth beer enriched with wheat, slightly amber-colored, with intense floral notes

Recetta Staginale. 2013.

5,6% ABV.