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Desnoes & Geddes

Kingston, Jamaica (Diageo)


In 1918, Eugene Desnoes and Thomas Hargreaves Geddes joined forces to form Desnoes and Geddes Company Limited. In 1927 they announced the opening of the Surrey Brewery in Kingston. The first Red Stripe Beer-more like an ale, heavy and dark-was brewed a year later. The birth of Red Stripe would later be considered a milestone in Jamaican history. The light, golden Red Stripe of today was first brewed in 1934, the creation of Paul Geddes (later Jamaica's first brewmaster) and Bill Martindale. The old Surrey Brewery on Pechon Street was phased out in 1958. This was the most modern brewery in the Caribbean. 1993 Guinness PLC acquired majority shares in D&G .

Red Stripes
Red Stripe was first brewed in 1928. From the very beginning a superior approach to quality was adopted. Back then, the beer was more like an ale, heavier and darker than its now famous successor. Over the years the formula was further perfected by successive Jamaican brew masters. 1938 Red Stripe brew perfected to today's award winning lager. 1975 Switched from Long Neck to Stubby Bottle.
Red Stripes. 4,7% Vol. 2009