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Kenya Breweries

East African Breweries

Nairobi, Kenya


Kenya Breweries Ltd was founded in 1922. The first batch was delivered to the Stanley Hotel where it was opened to a mixed reaction. The first lager beer launched 1930. Company name changed to East African Breweries Limited in 1936.

The name East African Breweries is dropped in 1980 and the company reverts to its old name Kenya Breweries. Today both names are used.




Tusker Premium is launched 1980. Tusker Malt lager, until 1995 only sold in the export market, makes a comeback to Kenya.

Tusker Lager has been brewed in East Africa since 1923. It is named after the elephant that kiælled one of its founders.

Tusker Export Lager, 1989

Lager type.

Tusker Finest Quality Lager, 2001.

Brewed by Mauritius Breweries under supervision of Kenya Breweries.