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Since 1764. The name of Valmiermuiža has been etched into the annals of history since the turn of the 14th century, due to the existence of an impressive tavern that belonged to Valmiera Castle, where patrons could buy beer brewed by the Lord of the Manor.

Its rebirth began in 2006, when Aigars Ruņģis, a native of Valmiera, started to build a small brewery at the manor.


Kviesu Alus

Wheat Ale.

Valmiermuiza. Kvisa alua. 2020.

5,5% ABV. EBC 14. 13,7 plato. IBU 10.


Tumsais Alus

Dark Lager.

Valmiermuiza. Tumsais alua. 2020.

5,8% ABV. EBC 76. 16,2 plato. IBU 23.